About Mistress Susan

Mistress Susan is not your ordinary Mistress who will satisfy your needs as you like it. Mistress Susan is very selective, and only accepts slaves after carefully considerations. For slaves to be selected, they need to show sincere commitment and devotion, as well as be ready to give up control 100%.  Slaves will be given a safe word, but if used, the session terminates immediately and so far no slaves have dared using their safe word when with Mistress Susan.

Mistress Susan's experience has been built over the past 15 years dominating slaves in Europe and recently also in Asia.

Mistress Susan lives this as her lifestyle, she is NOT doing this for professional purpose which is why she is REALLY selective in choosing her slaves.

Favorite sessions enjoyed (Extreme)

  • Extreme humiliation in public. Have you ever wanted how it will feel to walk the streets dressed like a girl?

  • Hard punishment using severe whips and torture tools

  • Long-term bondage

  • Life like a dog for extended period of time including sleeping over in the doghouse

Sessions Rules

§1 All slaves will need to complete an application form that you will receive after contacting me

§2 All slaves must prove they are devoted and serious by providing evidence of their identity. (Instruction will follow after contact is established)

§3 Minimum session duration is 4 hours.

§4 Safe word will be provided, but if used the session will terminate immediately

§5 Any slave that does not show up for a scheduled session will be banned

§6 Your identify will be kept safe and NO pictures or details about your or your sessions will be published anywhere without your consent.


Only the most deserving slaves will be considered for a meeting with the mistress so you better be polite and detailed when contacting Mistress Susan.


Mistress Susan can be contacted here

Mistress Susan

Mistress Susan

Born:  1974
Height: Taller then you as you will be on your knees
Weight: Not of your concern
Shoe size: You will know when you lick them clean
Body: Fit hourglass shape
Race: Thai/British
Occupation: Professional Mistress
Likes: Having slaves at my feet
Dislikes: Fake people and dishonest slaves

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