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The kingdom of Thailand

Thailand, also known as the "Land of Smiles" is one of the world's most popular holiday destinations.  But  with the many beautiful Thailand women working in the notorious  red lights districts around Thailand, many looks at Thailand as the brothel of the world.

To understand the Thailand erotic scene let's look at the different areas of Thailand.  With the kingdom of Thailand covering an area of 513,000 km2 Thailand is the world's 51st largest country is you look at the area of the country. With an population of approximately 61 million people Thailand is the 20th-most-populous country in the world.

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Pornography and Prostitution in Thailand

In Thailand prostitution and Pornography is forbidden by law. That can sound strange when prostitution is so openly available everywhere in the country.

But just as accepted prostitution is, or at least the law enforcement agencies are looking the other way. That does on the other hand does not apply for pornography. All pornographic material and sex toys are strictly forbidden

The famous Red lights districts of Thailand

Bangkok is the most famous of the Thailand cities for its nightlife and also the large red-light districts. There are basically 4 areas to go if you are looking for willingly girls.

Patpong area is Silom, where you can find a number of go-go bars including ladyboy go-go and a large concentration of gay bars.  Patpong  are the most diverse of the red light districts and the place to go if you are looking for ladyboy  or gay guys. It is also in Patpong you can find the famous tiger shows where girls will use their pussies to make all sort of tricks, like shooting out darts, pulling out razorblades etc.  Recent years the authorities has been tightening up on the shows and restricted shows where they are animals involved.  But as with everything in Thailand if you wants it and have money to pay you can also find it.

The go-go bars are located around the night markets  in Phat Pong Alley 1 & 2 and the Gay street just across the street.  It is also in Patpong you find the "Barbar" fetish club one of two clubs in Bangkok.  The place offers a free SM show performed by the mistresses and slaves working there as part of paying the entrance fee to the club which also include the first drink. The club provides a good place for first timers to the BDSM scene to give them a taste of the BDSM play. For experienced BDSM people the club can provide private facilities for the more advanced play sessions. If your are in Bangkok and looking for either a play space or a place to enjoy a drink and a BDSM show this is a good place.

Nana plaza are the oldest red light district in Bangkok and properly the most well-known of them all.

Nana Plaza

The center of the area is Nana plaza a Adult entertainment complex where you will find go-go bars side by side. Both with ladyboys and girls.  Should you wants additional rough action to most people's surprise one of the bars on the 1st floor has a mechanical bull that you can take a ride on.

Besides from the Nana Plaza the Nana area has many other places where you can find working girls and also sexy massage places.

Soi Cowboy is the latest opened red light district in Bangkok which basically is one street packed from end to end with go-go bars, including a lady boy one. Soi Cowboy The street is popular with Japanese businessmen who like the "Bacacarat" go-go and places around in that end of the street. IN the opposite end you will find the place "Tilac" who is the featured in one of the scenes of the Hangover II movie.

Ratchadaphisek road in Bangkok is home to a large number of massage parlors, you can say it is the Bangkok red-light strip. It is not a street you wants to travel by foot but rather do some research to which massage parlor you are interested in and take a taxi.  As this is the Thai's favorite place you will see that in most of the massage places there is different prices for Thai and foreigners. That is how it is.

For those that prefer not to stay in Bangkok you can easily find entertainment elsewhere than in Bangkok.

Pattaya is located just 1 1/2 hour drive south of Bangkok you find the city of Pattaya. Pattaya is basically one large red light district with more working girlsand go-go bars anywhere in the world.

Walking street

The city was established as an entertainment option for the American soldiers on leave from the Vietnam war. Since the first bar opened the city have grown to be one of the biggest cities in Thailand and the city is still growing.  Pattaya is often referred to as the Disneyland for adults. Here you find more girls than anywhere , ladyboy and gay guys.

The most famous place in Pattaya is the Walking street which is a street with back to back bars and go-go places. There are also a few normal night clubs to be found.  The street is a famous sight for tourists so do not go here if you are afraod to end up on someone's vacation pictures.

But when it comes to BDSM the options are very limited.  In Pattaya you can find the Fetish club "Castle" which is a club similar to the "BarBar" and 'Demonia" clubs in Bangkok. The club is operated the same way, where you pay a entrance fee that includes the first drink and a show. The club is visited with less curious Tourist and more real Kinky people with a real interest for BDSM.  Over the years there has been some attempts to open other similar BDSM clubs but it has never really taken off.  Opposite the "Castle" club you can also find a sexy clothing shop where you can buy a selection of fetish wear. The shop is open in daytime only.

Changmai is vor those that finds Bangkok and Pattaya to be too lively and is seeking an alternative option, such as a visit the northern city of Chang Mai. Here you can experience the real Thai culture as well as there is a few local go-go bars. If you are looking for entertainment and kinky options there is nothing to see here.

Phuket is the vacation destination of choice for many. The island is on the west coast of Thailand connected to the mainland by a bridge making it possible to drive there should anyone want to.  On the island you will find an wide selections on five star hotels and resorts more or less private located around the island.  For the party seekers there are only 2 cities on the island. "Phuket town" and "Patong beach".


In Patong beach you will find several go-go bars and plenty of working girls. There is no fetish clubs but there are a few professional mistresses providing Session in their dungeons on in Phuket town.  Such as Empress Lucy and Mistress Dao

Koh Chang is like Phuket is a famous vacation destination. The island is located in the gulf of Thailand in driving distance from Bangkok. The island main party are is White Sand beach. Here you will find a beer bar area with some small go-go bars in the back. That is pretty much it.

Koh Samui is another vacation island located in the gulf of Thailand. The island is larger than Koh Chang and also have a much more lively nightlife including a few go-go bars but no kinky options.


Kink in Thailand

BDSM and alternative lifestyles are almost non existing in Thailand.  The kinky scene that exists are very limited and very private due to the Thai laws.  The earlier mentioned fetish clubs and professional dominatrix's are the easy options if you seek some BDSM action on your visit.  If you are not interested in paying you can always search for likeminded play partners on Asiakinky.com. Unfortunately Thailand is no different than the rest of the world and there is more male slaved than female slaves and mistresses.  So put some effort into making your profile to make you attractive if you are a male slave. 

Sex toys and clothing shopping
As sex toys are illegal you will not find any shops where you buy sextoys. There are a few Street vendors around Nana place that sells some dildo's and sex stimulant drugs. Also in the fashion district there is several shops that sells sexy outfits and also even a rubber and spandex shop. .   It should be ok though to bring toys to Thailand for you own pleasure if you come here for vacation, but do not bring large quantities for sale as you might get into serious trouble.  There is manufactures of BDSM gear in Thailand but these companies are prohibited form selling the products in Thailand

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